Swim With The Minke Whales Port Douglas

Port Douglas is an awesome place and each year offers an experience that only a small minority have ever had the chance to experience. Swimming with the Minke Whales! Between the months of May and August pods of dwarf Minke Whales migrate the waters off Port Douglas and the Agincourt Reefs.

Poseidon, a local company that holds one of only three permits issued to day boats by the marine park managers, GBRMPA, allowing passengers to deliberately swim with these curious and friendly whales that grow to 8 metres in length. These curious creatures satisfy their own curiosity and come up to the swimmers who number no more than 10 and are sent out on a floating line once the whales have been spotted.  There have been some amazing encounters over the years and though not guaranteed are more frequent during the winter months.

July until late September also sees the magestic Humpback Whales entering local waters and encounters with these animals are magical as well with them giving us displays of breaching, tail and pectoral fin slapping.

Planning your next holiday? Why not consider a Port Douglas holiday and this unique adventure. Contact our onsite tour desk to help you book these tours or click here for more information on Port Douglas whale watching.

Come to Port Douglas, experience these magestic creatures for yourself and enjoy great Port Douglas accommodation at the same time at Reflections of PD. This will be a holiday that you won’t forget in a hurry. Ring us today, the whales are on their way.